Aug 02

Fluid Equation

I downloaded the apps FluidMath and Fluid Eq recently. I am loving FluidMath, it allows me to quickly hand write an equation and have it converted to text, then with one simple gesture have the equation graphed for me. If I alter the equation, again with a simple gesture, the text and graph are automatically updated.

Aug 02


I wrote recently about Vision Objects. Well I have downloaded an app called MathInk, which uses the Vision Objects API, and it is great. It is easy to use, accurate and best of all connects to Wolfram Alpha!

Handwritten mathematics is quickly and accurately converted to text and sent to Wolfram Alpha for analysis. An absolute gem.
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Jul 23

Raspberry Pi

I currently have 2 Raspberry Pi’s setup at home, one runs OpenElec and acts as a media centre. It is tiny, silent and energy efficient. I can’t rate it highly enough. The second Pi is hooked up to my wireless weather station. It analyses the data every 10 minutes and uploads the data to my website.

I have just purchased an old non working Sega Master System II that I aim to take apart. I plan on embedding a third Pi inside and creating a retro game emulator.
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Jul 23


I have begun using Evernote, slowly at first but I am already starting to see its great potential for organising my hectic work life.
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Jul 23

Vision Objects

I discovered a fantastic website recently that allows you to use your interactive whiteboard or iPad to write in your own handwriting and convert it all to text. Further more it can render hand written mathematics into text and send it to Wolfram Alpha for processing!

I have been using it regularly in the classroom and it is amazing.

I may look into purchasing some of the apps in the near future.

The website is:

Jun 27

Updated to Moodle 2.3

I updated our server to Moodle 2.3 today. Seems like a nice change so far.
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Jun 26

Mathematica – First Time User

I discovered this week that by typing an equals sign allows you to write an expression in free-form!

That means that you can use Mathematica like WolframAlpha, with the added bonus that the result also displays the correct Mathematica query, so that you can essentially teach yourself, or your students to quickly use Mathematica.

Jun 26

Repositories – My Initial Thoughts

I have spent a lot of time testing Moodle 2, so I thought I’d share my trials and triumphs.


As an administrator I have to say I love the way Moodle 2 handles file management. At least the way it was stated it would handle file management. It will make my life easier as files are stored separate to Moodle, therefore my backups will be smaller and easier to manage!

That being said as a Moodle user I hate the way Moodle 2 handles file management. It makes copies of every file that I add, and I have no idea where those files reside. Adding files is completely different to the way that I did it in Moodle 1.9, and seems to require more steps.

Moodle 2.3 goes a long way to bridging the gap between my feelings as an admin and those as a user. I can quickly and easily add a file or files from my Dropbox account to my private files and then link to that file from any of my courses. If I change the file, I simply re-add the file to my private files from my Dropbox account and all of my courses reflect this change automatically!

Storing all my files in the cloud makes sense to me both as an admin and as a user. I have Dropbox set to automatically synchronize with my work folder, so all my work documents are instantly available from any computer at any time. From Moodle I link to my Dropbox account and can add the files to my private files area. Why you might ask don’t I just add that file directly to Moodle? The simple answer is that by adding it to my private files and then linking to that file from all my courses I only need to update one file, and I know exactly where that file is located in Moodle!

I will add some detailed posts to show you step by step how to:


  1. Setup a Dropbox account.
  2. Setup a Dropbox repository on Moodle.
  3. Add files from your Dropbox to your private files.
  4. How to link to your private files from within a course.
  5. How to update your private files.

Jun 26

Moodle 2 Administrator Course

Attended a Moodle administrators course for Moodle 2 yesterday. Not sure I learnt anything I didn’t already know but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it means what I’m doing buycbdproducts along the right track.
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Jun 26

My first post!!

This my first post. Testing my new blog.